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2010년 11월 10일



기업가정신 세계일주 코리아 헤럴드에 보도되다.



기업가정신 세계일주 송정현 팀장이 코리아 헤럴드 보도기사가 나갔습니다. (접니다;;)

좀 엄한 사진으로 보도되었긴 하지만, 원판불변의 법칙을 생각하면서..... (으흐흑)


사실 인터뷰는 10월달에 고속터미널에 황주리 기자님을 만나서 했었다.


출국일이 11월 15일에서 18일로 일정이 변경되었는데, 알려드리지 못했네. 이런~ ^^;;

기업가정신 캠프 등 여러 일정때문에 너무 정신이 없어서 연락도 못 드렸다.


G20 Korea Young Entrepreneur Alliance Summit 2010 행사에 공식 세션 발표는

말씀드려서 기사에 반영되었는데, 수정된 출국 일정을 반영을 못했구나.

기자님 죄송!!




(사진 : 코리아 헤럴드에 반기문 총장과 나란히? 보도 됨. ㅋㅋㅋ)



여튼, 이렇게 보도기사를 써주셔서 고맙습니다.

늘씬한 미모의 황주리 기자님 고맙습니다.


다들 응원해주시길!!



아래는 기사 원문

(출처 http://www.koreaherald.com/lifestyle/Detail.jsp?newsMLId=20101110000785)


Man tours G20 countries to study ‘entrepreneurship’

2010-11-10 18:58

Risk taking, and adventurous, 29-year-old Song Jung-hyun will embark on a year-long trip next week to meet business executives of G20 countries and learn their secrets of entrepreneurship.

“Timed with the G20 Seoul Summit this year, I will embark on a year-long expedition to G20 countries to learn lessons from well-known entrepreneurs,” he told The Korea Herald.

Through the World Entrepreneurship Travel program that he founded on his own, he has set up meetings with Idei Nobuyuki, of Sony; Bill Drayton, executive of U.S.-based social company Ashoka; and Tony Hsieh, chief executive of the world’s largest shoe mall Zappos. 

He is looking to arrange more meetings with Virgin Group’s Richard Branson and other renowned business executives.

Song says “the most significant element for world changing leaders is the entrepreneurial spirit-putting the agenda into practice.” (Hwang Jurie/The Korea Herald)

He thinks many young Koreans lack a “challenging spirit” these days, and hopes his trip and the program will awaken the young generation desperate to be employed. 

“Why wait years unemployed while trying to score high in a language test or obtain technical licenses, when you are able to put innovative ideas to practice and create a job of your own?” said Song.

“What the young generation should learn from the world’s entrepreneurs is to know how to take risks.” 

While explaining his G20 country travel itinerary, the passionate young man emphasized the role of young entrepreneurs. 

“The businesses that young entrepreneurs found will grow to become pillars of communities, the cornerstones of sustainable growth in our economies and engagement for all social matters they are the future drivers of world businesses, therefore, my travel notes that I will take throughout my journey will inspire the young generation into taking actions to become future entrepreneurs,” said Song. 

He attended the Young Entrepreneur’s Alliance meeting Nov. 7-9, held with the theme “Entrepreneurship = recovery = jobs.”

Participants recognized the need for private-sector initiatives, the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture and education and training.

“At the meeting, aspiring entrepreneurs agreed that entrepreneurship not only creates wealth, but also contributes to expanding employment,” he said, “They are drivers of economic growth and social change.”

His trip expenses will be covered by sponsorship and his own money. Sponsors are the SOHO Promotional Society, the Youth Entrepreneur Association, and a number of universities.

His first destination is China, and he will leave for the country on Nov. 15.

What he learns through his meetings with business executives will be published on his travel blog (http://www.wet.or.kr). He also plans to distribute transcripts of his interviews to related industrial clusters and young entrepreneur institutions, free of charge. 

By Hwang Jurie  (jurie777@heraldm.com)

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