Richard Branson

I want to see you Naked.


Hello!! how are you, My name is Budher Song.


I want to see you naked, like the title of your book.

It’s meaning; I want to interview you inside and out.


Unfortunately, I won’t be the one handing this letter to you. The one that who gave you this letter is actually my friend.


I am a student, traveling the world.

Code name is “World Entrepreneurship Travel”


I am meeting numerous entrepreneurs world widely and am in the progression of having them as my interviewee. Formal president of SONY, Idei Nobuyki, was one of them.


Produced Interview content will be distributed to many young entrepreneurs and help them to have higher goals with their business as well as their life.


If you are generous enough to spare some of your time to have a valuable discussion with us, I will gladly adjust my traveling schedule to meet yours.


If you feel comfortable enough to share your words of wisdom, then please give my friend your business card andwrite us a short encouragement message for young generation’s dreams and hopes.


Hope to see you soon. I will be contacting you shortly regarding the interview schedule.

Thank You.


                                Best Regards                2010. 10. 11

                                Fledgling Entrepreneur  Budher Song


PS – My project team ‘World Entrepreneurship Travel’ is supported by the president of G20 Y.E.S. KOREA andG.E.W. KOREA in officially.) 

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