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List of documentaries for teaching various perspectives on entrepreneurship

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List of documentaries for teaching various perspectives on entrepreneurship

List of documentaries for teaching various perspectives on entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur, new value catalyst

I have used half of these in my course to emphasize certain points. I am curious how others have used movies in your courses.

Civil Resistance: first look - about dictators and passive revolutions. I use it to emphasize that economic development done by entrepreneurs is another act of civil revolution. I make other points as well like within war some people make a lot of money and that is not the kind of entrepreneur people should aspire to.

The Call of the Entrepreneur - a story of three entrepreneurs, a farmer, and media exec, and a guy in finance. The film has a religious under-tone to it, a bit of propaganda, which is why I show it. This breaks through the resistance that some people have that think entrepreneurship conflicts with religious values somehow.

Start.COM - a documentary about govwork, the company that raised a lot of money just before the dot-com bust and how it spent that money. I emphasize over confidence of the founders and the problems that egos create in businesses.

Something Ventured - this is about Silicon Valley VC, the history of it hearing from some of the most successful VC's in the Valley. I use it to explain how not all VC's are the same.

E-Dreams - a documentary about young founders who raised a lot of money and grew a business too fast when the business model was not really feasible.

Steve Jobs One last thing - this is series of interviews with Steve Jobs and people who knew him. I show this to illustrate how he created a huge myth but did not believe those myths himself.

the social network - the hollywood movie about Facebook. I personally dislike this movie but I show it to separate the fiction from the reality of business and this is a really good example of how much non-sense it circulated about start-ups most of which are not true at all but serves the interest of the VC's.

Revolution OS - this is a two part movie about hacker culture, the Linux OS, a documentary, very interesting, lots of interesting points to discuss.

Objectified - this is a documentary about product design, very relevant to fabrication companies.

Art & Copy - this is a documentary about the Advertising business, a historical perspective so it omits the latest on-line Ads but this is still highly relevant for people to understand how the marketing matters and the public response to it.

Urbanized - a documentary about large scale urban spaces and why they are a constructed reality. This is really significant for entrepreneurs to understand the world we are heading towards with more people living in cities than in rural lands.

The Ascent of Money - pbs series based on a book by Niel Furgerson, the history of money, very interesting for people to appreciate economic forces and how they might impact what they do.

Freakonomics - based on the book, mostly the use of statistics to make an argument, as well as hints of behavioral economics. This is more entertainment than anything but it does make the point of how to use statistics.

Mind over Money - how people understand money, this is really important for the young entrepreneurs. It relates to the two documentaries on the start-up failures and how they mis-managed the funding they raised.

Ayn RAND - classic, this has so many underlying assumptions that people just believe now about capitalism. It is good to surface where they come from and challenge these ideas. This is a classic American exceptionalism point of view which I complete reject and I expose this as something that prevents others from trying to realize some passion as an entrepreneur.

Too Big to Fail - the dangers of not having a vibrant economy that diffuses and spreads risk. 

The Corporation - a classic indictment of the large corporation, this is a long documentary but it has so my warnings that I use it to break the mindset that working for any large corporation or institution is something that people should do without thinking about why they are doing this.

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