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MYPIN - Wireless Microphone for Videographer - Great Audio for Great Video

송정현 Budher Song 2017. 11. 29. 08:45

MYPIN : Great Audio for Great Video

MYPIN - Wireless Microphone for Videographer

Must Have Item for Video Recorder!!
MYPIN : Great Audio for Great Video

Mypin+ just launched now!!!!! Mypin is a wireless microphone for smartphone, DSLR, any devices. 

Backing Now!! I am totally recommend it!!

via @Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/722622659/mypin-great-audio-for-great-video

MYPIN - a portable wireless microphone system

Production Description:

MYPIN is an innovative portable wireless microphone system for video production,

working with smartphone, DSLR camera as well as camcorder. By offering handy

design of devices’ body and their useful features, video shooters can optimize their

sound recording with video creation. Built-in shoe adapter, long-hour battery and

extremely light body are the some of the features that can always support your

production easily and lightly.

Product Features:

● Pin Microphone - Slim and compact microphone enable users to fast field setup

and lead to instant and spontaneous interview. No cumbersome external

microphone is required.

● Long-hour Battery - MYPIN’s built in battery runs as long as 9 hours once it is

fully recharged with android charging cable.

● iOS & Android APP - MYPIN’s exclusive app offers easy video shooting and

sharing features on Facebook and Youtube Channels.

● Real Time Monitoring - Helps avoid sound disconnection and check the quality

of the sound during the video shooting.

● Innovative Design - Built in shoe adapter and light weights(33g/11g) allow video

shooters the convenience to set-up and less burden on the production.