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About [ World Entrepreneurship Travel ] Project

송정현 Budher Song 2011. 3. 26. 08:04
25. Mar. 2011

Hi. My name is Budher(Jung-hyun) Song.
I am an Organizer of World Entrepreneurship Travel project.

Let me introduce W.E.T. project.

[Brief Information about WET Project]


We are the project team from Korea. The main goal of our project is distributing contents after interviewing prominent entrepreneurs or organizations about entrepreneurship from G20 countries. We will spread out the contents to over 104 countries in the world. Also, we collaborate with G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance and Global Entrepreneurship Week.

 Project Background

By showing people, who practice and challenge their lives, motivating the young adults, who have indefinite goals and are suffered from living their own lives.


- Meeting and interviewing young entrepreneurs

- Making contents about the interviews and distributing the contents around the world

- Giving information about entrepreneurship and challenging spirit to young generations


- Interviewing young entrepreneurs

- Visiting educational institutions related to entrepreneurship or seminars

- Having fellowship activities with government organizations or other organizations

  Anticipated Outcomes

- Contents from the interviews

- Information of entrepreneurship

- Contents about travel route and itinerary

  (All contents will be recorded by iPhone.)

  Ways to Distribute Contents

- Using SNS (blog, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.)

- Publishing books and giving lectures to young generations

- Reporting through the media (newspaper, broadcast, etc.)

- Supplying all contents through GEW Korea to 104 countries

- Making special documentary program

  Related Organizations

- Cooperation: G20 YEA(G20 Young Entrepreneur Alliance), GEW(Global Entrepreneurship Week)

- Government Cooperation(domestic): The Ministry of Employment and Labor of Korea

- Educational Institution: Chung-ang University(Korea), Hannam University(Korea)

- Press: The Ministry of Employment and Labor's Official Blog, OnSuccess, Venture@Square, Venture Newspaper of University Student, etc(newspaper and Media)


< Sample questions for Interviewees >


+ Please introduce yourself (age, background) & your company (business items, model, etc).


Part I

+ What was your dream in your school life? 

+ Please tell me more about your interesting story related to various activities (club, any activity)


Part II

+ If you had job or internship experiences before you have your own business. What kind of experiences do you have and how do those experiences influence you now?

+ Why did you start your own business?

+ If you start the business as a team, how did you organize the team? (and vision or goal sharing tips)

+ How did you overcome difficulties such as money, people, and network when you first start the business? (save & seek resources)

+ What kind of courses or education programs from the school is helpful to your business? Also, is there any education courses you want to get if you have chance?

+ What is the most important part to grow your business? Why do you think like that?


Part III

+ As an entrepreneur what are your strength and weakness? (less than 3 things)

+ When was the turning point of your life? Please tell us details.

+ Do you have role model? If you have, please tell me the reason, also.

the reasons.

+ What do you think of entrepreneurship?

+ Please tell me your future plan of your business and your life.


Part V

+ Please tell me some messages of advices & encouragement to young adult.