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[Budher – W.E.T. project] Greeting with thankful that homecoming!!

송정현 Budher Song 2011. 8. 20. 16:13

[Budher – W.E.T. project] Greeting with thankful that homecoming



I’m Budher, the organizer of World Entrepreneurship Travel.


Now, I’m come back to my country, Korea, after meeting young entrepreneurs(100 persons on 10 countries; Korea, China, Russia, England, France, Italy, Germany, U.S.A, Canada, Japan) and I saw, heard, and felt their Entrepreneurship and challenge spirit.


Our W.E.T(World Entrepreneurship Travel) project has an idea not only exploring young generation’s lack of challenge spirit, but solving their problem by themselves as well.

I saw that how young entrepreneurs can give them some courage and confidence, and find their own dream to challenge in their difficulty.


In spite of lack of human resources, networking and money, we could breakthrough it. And, as ‘entrepreneurial project’, we had been interviewed 100 persons on our way. Also, it remains in animations and recordings through interviewing.


Now, we’re preparing to release on contents(publishing books, contributing articles, and opening to the public on animations). Through our publishing contents, and to make the goal on young entrepreneurs, we’ll encourage and bring to effect on ‘challenge spirit’ and ‘entrepreneurship’. If you have interest about my book(or contents) and want to release on your country, feel free contact me by email.


And now, we’ll make W.E.T that to interview between young entrepreneur and opinion leader, to explore from the spot to the overseas over a week, and to publish the content for producing and spreading. And we hope that excepting our W.E.T members, the other young generation come true their dream in W.E.T project.

We promise ‘we’ll support and help them for that, devotedly’.


We’re expecting that W.E.T project will become global open project, for example ‘TEDx’ or ‘Start-Up Weekend’. Our goal is preparing to launch W.E.T project on 100 countries till 2017.

So, we want more interesting and participating for that.

We’re waiting for your calling to take part in W.E.T project. If you want to participate, contact me, anytime.


As I’m the team leader on W.E.T project, I have a plan for writing on my journey from 1 to 2 months. So, I’ll stop all my personal activities, except for a lecture.


Thank you for supporting and taking an interest our W.E.T project. And I want to say to you, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you.



At dawn. On August 17, 2011

Fledgling Entrepreneur ‘Budher Song’